What and where we are as human race is built on creativity


Each invention, each insight, each work of art and each important step ahead is in the first place through creativity. Often the term 'creativity' is only thought of in connection with Art & Design. This is a very limiting belief. Like using your car only on the highways or having fun only in the weekend. The beauty of creativity is that it's applicable to everything. It's another way of thinking. Literally another way, in another universe.Creativity opens more than a single road to a desired goal. Or comes up with goals that we have not yet thought of. The 'usual' or 'shortest' way is often not the best, a thing that maybe politicians could write down somewhere as well. Creativity can be brought to table on many occasions, especially in the beginning and middle part of a project. In the finalizing stage of e.g. constructing a bridge, good old mathematical strength calculations might be preferable. But the design phase should rely heavily on creativity, unless we want one single model of bridges everywhere and never an improvement.



CreActivity is a new word I came up with some years ago for my training and it incorporates action into creativity. In other words, to actually apply creativity, as opposed to just fantasize. It also points to the fact that we can and should use creativity in every aspect of our life, our day to day doings.

It's not only thinking, but also acting on it. It's a universal tool you can use it everywhere at all times. Whether it's an original pickup line, an unexpected counter argument towards an unreasonable bank manager or a better way to fix the roof of your shed (f.i. by at the same time extending it, so you can also put your wood or bike out of the rain).

It's applicable everywhere, with spectacular results. Practice it and you will also become funnier as humor relies on the same principle as creativity.

Because the world is always moving and moves  faster every day, we need to be able to adapt. The solutions of today might not work tomorrow. They sometimes not even work today.
It does not matter so much how much you know, today it's more important how quick you can learn something new. This comes from John Paul Capinegro, a photographer who I admire not just for his work, but especially for his mindset. This describes CreActivity quite well.

You might want to take a look at his site