A different view

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A different view              Bilder Bilder, die man aufhängt umgekehrt, mit dem Kopf nach unten, Fuss nach oben, ändern oft verwunderlich den Wert, weil ins Reich der Phantasie erhoben. Palmström, dem schon frühe solches kund. füllt entsprechend eines Zimmers Wände, und als Maler grosser gegenstände macht er dort begeistert Fund auf Fund.                               […]

Looking and Seeing

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Looking & Seeing Images and Music  Music and the visual arts are two completely different animals. The first develops in time and cannot be taken in, in less time than the piece is long. A painting or so, is seen at a glance and does not develop in time. But do they? Music cannot be […]

Never learned

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 What you and I have never learned in school                                       Can you remember a class that taught you how to get creative or how to think? Teachers took it for granted that either you could think or not, in the latter case there was not much they could do for you. But not unlike any […]


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What and where we are as human race is built on creativity Creativity  Each invention, each insight, each work of art and each important step ahead is in the first place through creativity. Often the term ‘creativity’ is only thought of in connection with Art & Design. This is a very limiting belief. Like using […]

A slow start

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A Slow Start Preliminaries  About 30 years ago I had a wonderful Minolta X-100 camera with a couple of decent to good lenses. I really liked the camera, film of course back then, and it delivered. I was the lazy photographer and had my girlfriend develop and print my stuff. She was right into that […]

Wat is Realiteit? pt.1

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Ervaren wij realiteit allemaal hetzelfde?                  Ik vraag me vaak af hoe vreemd de wereld eruit zou zien door de ogen van een ander. Om de stimuli te interpreteren door de filters, overtuigingen en ervaringen van een ander zou een droom wel eens heel normaal kunnen doen lijken. Het zou me niet verbazen. Aan […]

What is Reality? pt.1

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What is Reality Pt.1   Do we all take reality to be the same?                  I often wonder how strange the world would look from behind someone else her eyes. To perceive and interpret all stimuli through the filters, believes and experiences of another person might make a dream seem normal. I would not […]

Art & Science pt.1

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Art & Science pt.1                         As I have always been interested in science as well as art, I plan to write  a series in my blog about this fascinating subject. So let’s kick off with a quote of a scientist who has contributed in a major way to arguably the largest the shapeshift in science […]

Red Green Blue

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We look in one way, but we see in multiple ways Our eyes look, but to see we need to include our brain, our mind, actually almost everything we’ve got. I have not scientifically tested this, but I could imagine that even the (physical, not color-) temperature we’re in, influences our perception. Feeling great or […]


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Stacked   One borrows an egg . . .   The way this works is simple and has been done before, undoubtedly. Put two to let’s say ten images into separate layers in Photoshop. This can be done with the File menu in PS. FILE > SCRIPTS > LOAD FILES INTO STACK . . . […]