What is reality?

Red Green Blue

We look in one way, but we see in multiple ways

Our eyes look, but to see we need to include our brain, our mind, actually almost everything we've got. I have not scientifically tested this, but I could imagine that even the (physical, not color-) temperature we're in, influences our perception.

Feeling great or lousy will make a different.
Go back to the colored words top left and read what it says. What is happening? Which of the contradicting information is taking precedence with you? Here it is quite obvious, but I can imagine that there might be 'contradicting' information, in a minor way, in all information we receive.

This phenomena happens in many of my photos. As a photo is static, meaning it does not change over time, not like a movie or video, it conveys an unchanging message. But does it? Because I have taken most of my photos with a longer shutter time than one normally would and have moved the camera during the exposure, there is also a change, a movement in the static image. One can look at it in different ways, more so than in a 'conventional' photo. The reactions of people are also very different and sometimes I start to see a photo in a completely new light as a result of what people tell me what they see. Some photos can be viewed from more than one direction, even 'upside down'. With some, I have made attachments to hang the framed print in landscape and in portrait mode (so rotating the image 90 degrees). It is like having two different photos in one.


Between Blurred and Sharp

For me, the interesting relation exists between 'blur', the movement and 'sharp', what can withstand the movement. On a thought-level, what do we know for sure and where could and sometimes should we adapt and be flexible. Where can we still learn and on which solid ground do we think we stand. Speaking for me, I hope that I can never say 'Now I know it all and I will not change my believes any more.'

I strongly believe in putting things in relation with one other, discovering what is the connection between what I stand for and what I do. A lot of it is not in the conscious realm, but I like to tie it together and incorporate new things. To extrapolate from where I am at now into new and uncharted terrain.
Freedom for me, is the courage to take responsibility for my actions and soar as high as I can. Freedom is to stay young in spirit. And there are millions of ways to fill this in, everyone should have her own.


Double Bind

The colors say a different thing than the written words. The interpretation one makes is contradictory. The color says 'blue', but the word 'red'. Which interpretation do you take?

In a positive way, this phenomenon occurs in my photos, where nothing is sure and a lot is possible. There are several 'different' views in one photo. What I try to do, is to make the different views enhance each other, being complementary and bringing up new ideas, relations and feelings.

In a negative way, having contradictory messages in one rap (also called 'cognitive dissonance') can run havoc, for example with children. When they are being told "Come, I love you" , but with body language being pushed away, the poor child does not know which message is to be believed and starts to feel unsafe. Cognitive dissonance is very tricky and happens on many levels and quite often. As a pioneer on 'Logical levels' and 'Non Aristotelian Logic', Alfred Korzybski has written an important work, where this phenomena is researched thoroughly (Science and Sanity).