Honest Testimonials

I realize that nowadays a testimonial does not mean much. In a time where fraud has become a business model, where hardly ever a truth comes out of the mouth of a politician and where bankers are robbing the taxpayer on a scale that is unprecedented in history, the disease has spread everywhere.

For me, to be truthful is more important than selling. Maybe I should not include testimonials on my site, but that might look like I am even more untrustworthy than most of what is out there.

I therefor will assure you, that all the testimonials on my site are from real people, who are not me. You can take this for what you think is worth.





Hanna Engel


Triptych : ‘Association’  is a strikingly beautiful work, you learn to see with new eyes.

Find out yourself, wishing you the same experience and be the next proud owner of this magnificent abstract.


Cobi Zilver


Onwijs gave foto's. En mooie website. Helemaal jouw stijl en inspirerend.


Mas que nada


Manja Geijsel


Een eigen verhaal, gevangen in een bijzonder beeld.
Mooi gemaakt en inspirerend.





Paul van den Heuvel


This picture has gotten a prominent place in my living room. I am very happy with it.