Howling Tree        


Like in a museum, you can let yourself be guided and informed by means of a tour. This time, the guide and narrator will be the artist himself.

There are a couple of different options to choose from.


• The 'Look & See' route.

Approximately takes 15 minutes and is 6 km long.

Looking and seeing are two different things. We all can look, but can we see?

Start the Look & See route here.


• The 'Creativity' hike.

An 'off the tracks' hike which takes you into the wilderness. Put on your boots.

Creativity should be omnipresent. It is far more than being artistic.

We are all creative, but most of us don't know this.

Start the Creativity route here.


• The 'Logical Levels' climb.

Approximately takes some longer  and is of undetermined length.

We use Logical or Abstract levels all the time and at the same time we make most mistakes using them.

Many misunderstandings and even deadly feuds arise because of the wrong use of them. Prepare for quite a climb.

Start the Logical Levels climb here.


• The 'Reality' trek.

Approximately takes 12 minutes and is 4,5 km long.

We all experience the world around us. We experience ourselves.

But is this 'Reality'? Can we ever know reality? Is our reality the same?

Start the Reality route here.


• The Technical Tour.

The 'TTT' might take from about 15 to 45  minutes depending of your current understanding of different technical aspects in photographing.

I assume you are familiar with the basic stuff. The TTT will take you into the far field and expose to some novel ideas.

Start the Technical tour here.


• The 'Art & Science' journey.

Approximately takes 10 minutes and is 3,8 km long.

Art and Science are opposites in our time. In old Greece, where our civilization has been shaped, the two where happily married.

What has happened and why is this gap so limiting?

Start the Art & Science route here.