While my guitar gently weeps         


Bilder, die man aufhängt umgekehrt,
mit dem Kopf nach unten, Fuss nach oben,
ändern oft verwunderlich den Wert,
weil ins Reich der Phantasie erhoben.

Palmström, dem schon frühe solches kund.
füllt entsprechend eines Zimmers Wände,
und als Maler grosser gegenstände
macht er dort begeistert Fund auf Fund.

Christian Morgenstern - Galgenlieder


      Pictures hung in upside-down position
      upper hand reversed with lower hand
      may find unexpected recognition
      for they are transposed to fairyland

      Palmström knows this, and he fills with pleasure
      one room's walls with paintings upside-down;
      as himself an artist of renown
      he discovers treasure after treasure

                              Translation: Max Knight

What I did not see


One of my customers, when looking at my work, told me, she preferred to see the image turned 90 degrees. All of a sudden, the tree became greenery and water. By chance I picked up the book of poems by the German poet Christian Morgenstern and opened the bundle at the page of the above poem.

But it is not chance, because all pages have the same probability to be opened, but it was that I recognized something in on this page, the association with the experience of looking at the photo turned. I open many pages of books during a month, but this relation struck me, I saw a link. Nothing to do with chance, but everything with seeing relations. They are there abundantly.

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