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                                      The images you see in the different galleries are necessarily very heavy compressed with the lossy JPG compression (*1) .
I have to sacrifice quality for speed.  It would take too long to load high resolution images and you would have left me, before you've seen anything.
This means, that a lot of details and subtleties are lost in comparison with the high resolution, uncompressed original. I make my prints from the best possible original.

                                       As monitors, tablets and phones to view images on are widely different, most likely not color-managed  (*2) and have a smaller gamut (*3) than the actual prints, the results are highly unpredictable. What you see is a rough idea of what a real print actually would look like.

                                      Most of the monitors are set to a  contrast that is too high and too bright, which looks great for gaming and gives the user a good view of the user interface. But it's not favorable for precisely crafted photo's on a wide gamut and calibrated monitor. The actual prints are like the image on my calibrated monitor and might be a bit different from what you are actually seeing on your screen. But I can promise you, the difference will in all cases be in favor of the actual print and not the monitor you're looking at.


                                   Bottom line :  the prints you might buy are looking much better than what is possible to show on your screen.


Still, if you are not satisfied with the print, you are entitled to a full return of the price of the print if your order is returned, undamaged, within 30 days after shipping. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the print.


(*1) JPG compression is a mathematical way to compress an image or audio file into a much smaller file, although with non retrievable quality losses.
(*2)  Color managing is the process to have all the devices interpret the color data in a consistent way.
(*3)  Gamut is the range of colors and saturation that can be shown on a certain device.



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