What is reality?

What is Reality? pt.1

What is Reality Pt.1


Do we all take reality to be the same?


               I often wonder how strange the world would look from behind someone else her eyes. To perceive and interpret all stimuli through the filters, believes and experiences of another person might make a dream seem normal. I would not be surprised. But on the other hand,it might be more subtle. I wish I could try for a day or two. Or swap with the experiences of an animal, provided it's not an animal in the bio industry.

Here's a story I once read and very nicely hammers it home.

                Picasso steps into a train compartment and the man that was already sitting there immediately recognizes him. "You are Picasso, the famous painter, arn't you?" and without waiting for an answer, the man continues "Why don't you ever paint things like they really are?" With a swift movement he pulls out his wallet and produces a small photo. "Look, this is my wife, exactly like she is!" and hands Picasso the photo. Picasso holds the photo between two fingers and says "Hm, your  wife is quite small" and while he turns the photo to look at it sideways "and very, very thin."