Large Fine Art Prints for Companies & Business


Unique 12 Color Prints


If your company or business is looking for artwork to decorate your accommodation, please have a look through my image galleries.

My work has a distinct style which you might like. All prints are printed on museum quality acid free professional printing paper of your choice.
Twelve long life, u.v. resistant pigment inks are used in the printing process to ensure the highest quality and longest durability.

The dimensions of the prints do only have an enlargement limit in order to keep an excellent sharpness. A print can be tailored to specific lighting conditions in the intended place of exhibition, so that the original colors are actually being seen. This is done by taking the spectral content of your local light conditions into account during the editing and printing process.

A print can be bought or can be leased. It is also possible to rotate images, so that every number of months, a new work is being displayed on your wall.

Special wishes can always be talked about and I will do a lot to honor them.